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The picturesque and historic town of Castleton is located in Rutland County, Vermont. Boasting vast lakes, lush greenery, and breathtaking views of the mountains, Castleton has and continues to give anglers and tourists their most beautiful and memorable trips.

The town’s most famous landmark, Birdseye Mountain, was named after Colonel Amos Bird, one of the town’s first settlers from the 1770s. During this time, Castleton has been the site of battles such as the Battle of Hubbardton, commemorated by the preservation of the Hubbardton Battlefield. Though the town has seen battles and fires over the years, it has managed to maintain some of its 200-year-old architectural heritage. The prime location for viewing the town’s old-fashioned architecture is the mile-long tree-clad Main Street, filled with Greek Revival and Federal-style houses and buildings.

Apart from architecture, Castleton is also home to well-preserved water bodies and recreational centers, such as Bomoseen State Park and Half Moon Pond State Park. These rich locations make for the most peaceful backdrop for a fishing trip any angler could ever wish for. 

Fishing in Castleton, VT: Vermont’s Breathtaking Treasure

Castleton’s wet continental climate means that it’s a great place to partake in one of the most sought after kinds of seasonal fishing - ice fishing. The town hosts the annual Castleton Lion’s Annual Ice Fishing Derby. Once the waters are warm, regular fishing opens and is best from March through July. At this point, the waters will be teeming with various fish, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, pumpkinseed, northern pike, and chain pickerel. Prior to these warmer seasons, game fish spend the winter in deeper parts of the lakes, before heading to shallower waters during their spawning season in the spring.

To preserve the biodiversity of Castleton’s waters, catch-and-release fishing is available the whole year round, though it is at its peak in April and May, which is known as the town’s catch-and-release season. Anglers must stick to using artificial lures as live baits are prohibited during this time. In Half Moon State Park, which is located within the sprawling ground of Bomoseen State Park, motorized watercraft are prohibited to maintain a tranquil environment.

Fish species
Rock Bass
Rock Bass fish

Habitat: Lake, Stream Pools, Vegetation, Rocky Bottom

Weight: 1 - 3 Pounds

Length: 6" - 17"

Northern Pike
Northern Pike fish

Habitat: Onshore

Weight: 2 - 34 Pounds

Length: 16" - 29"

Chain Pickerel
Chain Pickerel fish

Habitat: Lake, River, Pond, Bogs, Swamps

Weight: 3 - 5 Pounds

Length: 14" - 39"

Pumpkinseed  fish

Habitat: Lake, River

Weight: 1 - 1 Pounds

Length: 4" - 16"

Bluegill  fish

Habitat: Lake, Pond, River

Weight: 1 - 2 Pounds

Length: 6" - 16"

Smallmouth Bass 
Smallmouth Bass  fish

Habitat: Lake, River

Weight: 1 - 4 Pounds

Length: 12" - 27"

Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass fish

Habitat: Lake, Pond, Rivers

Weight: 2 - 22 Pounds

Length: 15" - 32"

Crappie fish

Habitat: River, Lake

Weight: 0 - 5 Pounds

Length: 4" - 19"

See Every Inch of Castleton’s Beauty

1.Bask in the Beauty of Castleton’s Waterfronts

Lake Bomoseen State Park offers visitors gorgeous waterfront views for camping, hiking, and swimming. Alongside whatever activity you choose to do is a jaw-dropping view to go with it.

2. Learn a Thing or Two About Riding Horses and Bulls

Pond Hill Ranch is Castleton’s go-to place for rodeos and trail rides. The ranch has been hosting weekly rodeos for fifty years. It’s also a horse leasing service that offers trail rides and horseback riding lessons, so you can appreciate the ranch’s verdant surroundings on horseback.

Fishing Techniques
Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing