Book Your Fishing Charter in Columbia, SC

Whether you are a dedicated angler or someone who wants to take your family somewhere new, Columbia is the right place for you.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Columbia, SC
Book Your Fishing Charter in Columbia, SC
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January 2, 2023, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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The first American city to bear Christopher Columbus' name is Columbia. Washington, the other popular choice, lost out to Columbia. Locals affectionately refer to Columbia as the "Soda City," but not because any soda was created or produced there. Instead, the moniker stems from a previous spelling of Columbia as "Cola.”

Going fishing is a great way to get outside and increase social distance. It might be a family event or a chance to get much-needed alone time outdoors. Having trouble deciding where to go fishing in South Carolina? No worries, we have made a list for you in this bass and trout haven. In addition, plenty of fishing tours like Fishin' Adventures are available around Columbia to ensure a great time for you and your company.

Columbia Fishing: Haven for Trout and Bass Enthusiasts

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Over 500 miles of the 50,000-acre artificial lake Murray's shoreline are ready for you to cast a line and try to capture some striped bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, redear sunfish, or the elusive channel catfish. There are 24 fish attractor sites near Lake Murray for people with access to boats. Don't anchor at the fish attractor spots marked by buoys. Fishing piers are located at numerous lake access points, allowing people without boats to use the lake. 

Striped bass enthusiasts are in luck because there are plenty of striped bass fishing charters, such as Captain Leroy's Striper Charters, near Columbia.

Meanwhile, trout, smallmouth bass, and stripers are the most popular fish to catch in the Saluda River, which runs for around 170 miles across South Carolina. The river has some of the highest densities of striper fish on the east coast during the summer. Saluda Shoals Park, located at 5605 Bush River Road, is one of the well-liked places where people may easily reach this river.

South Carolina's Sandhills has a state park called Sesquicentennial State Park. The park, affectionately referred to as Sesqui by locals, was created by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Bass and bluegill are the most common fish species available here.

Other nearby fishing spot is Dreher Island State Park, Congaree River, and Lake Greenwood State Park. These fishing spots feature clear water and at least one fishing pier. The diversity of Columbia is best explored with a fishing guide like Salty Sloth Charters.

Discover the Eclectic Energy of Columbia

In Columbia, there is something for everyone! Whether you are a dedicated angler or someone who wants to take your family somewhere new, Columbia is the right place for you.

1. See Adorable Koalas Up Close at the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

More than 2,000 spectacular and intriguing animals may be found at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, which also features one of the country’s most stunning and inspiring botanical gardens. Since 1974, the Zoo has offered individuals, families, and groups a location where they can interact with and learn about the wildlife and wild regions of the world. With a reputation as one of America's best zoos and a yearly visitor count of one million, Riverbanks is one of the biggest midsize zoos in the country and South Carolina's top tourist attraction.

2. Watch a Live Puppet Show at the Columbia Marionette Theater

The Columbia Marionette Theater (CMT), founded in 1988 by renowned puppeteer Allie Scollon and her son John, has made a name for itself as South Carolina's top children's theater. The theater moved to its current position next to Riverfront Park in 1995 from a structure originally used as a turn-of-the-century warehouse in the Vista. The theater, which has puppets that range in height from a few inches to over five feet and appear on a 30-foot stage, was rededicated as The Allie Scollon Puppetry Center in 2006. Every day of the week, the theater welcomes field trips from daycares and schools.

Fish in Columbia and beyond.