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Long Island: New York’s Favorite Day Trip Destination

Long Island is a fantastic getaway from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The biggest island adjacent to the contiguous United States, Long Island has a lot to offer for vacationers who want to experience a different kind of luxury. 

Travel to the Gilded Age while walking on the historic Gold Coast, beach hop on all its fine, world-class beaches, challenge yourself to a round of golf on any of its fantastic public courses, educate your taste buds on the finest wines and craft beer or seek out a fishing charter to guide you through some of the best deep sea fishing this side of the Atlantic. Long Island is truly a destination in New York State that should be your travel list. While you can do it as a day trip from NYC, it has many sights and activities to offer the entire family that a weekend may not be enough. 

"A beautiful giant black seabass" by king damus is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Long Island: Every Angler’s Dream

When viewed on a map, you will notice that Long Island is shaped like a fish. It’s also surrounded by water on all sides, with access to the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south and 400 miles of coastline. Those reasons should clue you in on how Long Island is every angler’s dream destination. It has fish biting all year round, both in its fresh waters and salt waters. Here, you can enjoy pier fishing, surf fishing, wade fishing, bay fishing, party boat fishing, and deep sea fishing with the guidance of many well-equipped fishing charters.

Top fish species to target in Long Island

  • Striped bass: Available all year round but particularly active starting April. They can be caught bottom fishing, fly fishing, and trolling.
  • Atlantic cod: Head to Long Island Sounds to target the cod which bite all year round but are especially active from winter to the beginning of spring.
  • Black sea bass: Open season for black sea bass starts in June and lasts well into the year
  • Winter flounder: available all year round, but the open season for this species is only April to September.
  • Fluke: Like the winter flounder, fluke are active all year round but only available to keep from April to September.

Fish species