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Are you tired of having to join one of the crowds of anglers fishing in New York’s more popular fishing spots? Then the city of Plattsburgh is the place for you. This city may not be as well known as Lake Ontario or the areas around Long Island Sound, but it has a lot to offer for anglers. Most of the action in Plattsburgh is situated at Lake Champlain and on the Saranac River flowing through the lake. Aside from these two bodies of water, there are also several state parks located near Plattsburgh where anglers can fish. These waters provide ample opportunities for catching several species of trout, bass, and salmon in its waters. With Lake Champlain being one of the best fishing spots in the country, anglers won’t feel left out on the action around New York when fishing in Plattsburgh.  

Plattsburgh: A Different New York Fishing Experience

Anglers can pretty much go to Plattsburgh at any time of the year and expect to return home with a catch or two. Still, if you wish to make the most of your fishing experience there, plan your trip from May to November. Most of Plattsburgh’s gamefish are readily available during these months, particularly salmon. Because it is also late spring and summer during these months, the warmer waters mean that fish are more likely to be more active and bite your bait. But if you can’t visit during these months, worry not. You can still fish during the winter months in the area and even do ice fishing in Lake Champlain’s frozen waters. 

The top fish species to target are:

  • Largemouth bass: This fish’s numbers will peak in May and would last until October. 
  • Chinook salmon: This fish will begin appearing from June to August. Its numbers will peak from September to October. 
  • Brown trout: This fish is available in large numbers throughout the year, but its numbers will decrease from August to October. 
  • Rainbow trout: Its numbers will peak from April to May and from October to November.
  • Smallmouth bass: Will start appearing in March and will peak in June and September to November

Fish species
Smallmouth Bass 
Smallmouth Bass  fish

Habitat: Lake, River

Weight: 1 - 4 Pounds

Length: 12" - 27"

Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass fish

Habitat: Lake, Pond, Rivers

Weight: 2 - 22 Pounds

Length: 15" - 32"

Chinook Salmon
Chinook Salmon fish

Habitat: Onshore, Nearshore, River, Lake

Weight: 10 - 50 Pounds

Length: 30" - 59"

Brown Trout
Brown Trout fish

Habitat: Lake, River

Weight: 2 - 40 Pounds

Length: 13" - 39"

Plattsburgh: Nature at Its best

Despite being a thriving micro-city, Plattsburgh offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities to experience. From taking a break in one of the many state parks in the area to visiting a winery for the wine connoisseurs out there, there are plenty of reasons to revisit Plattsburgh. 


1. Relax at the Nearby State Parks in the City

For those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, the nearby state parks in Plattsburgh are for you. Just south of Plattsburgh is Adirondack State Park and Macomb Reservation State Park, and Point Au Roche State Park in Lake Champlain. These parks offer scenic views to their visitors, as well as hiking, boating, and a picnic area for when you wish to have a picnic with your family. 


2. Visit the Elfs Winery and Cider House

For the wine connoisseurs out there, one place to not miss when visiting Plattsburgh is the Elfs Wine and Cider House. This winery offers a tour of its vineyards and wine processing facilities. 


3. Take a Break at the Plattsburgh Beach

Want to enjoy the beach but can’t go to Florida? Well, look no further, as Plattsburgh also possesses a beach of its own. Plattsburgh beach is the largest freshwater beach in the US and is the perfect place to catch some Vitamin Ds after fishing. If you ever get hungry, the beach also has a picnic area where you can eat with your family while looking at the beautiful view of Lake Champlain.