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Plymouth, MA Fishing: One of America’s Favorite Hometowns

Plymouth, MA Fishing: One of America’s Favorite Hometowns
Published: Friday, July 16th, 2021
Updated on: Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, is the town of Plymouth. It is located approximately 40 miles from Boston, making travel here very easy. This historic town is the first settlement created by the pilgrim colonists aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Because of this, Plymouth is also the site of the very first Thanksgiving feast. It is the oldest municipality in New England and one of the oldest municipalities in the entire US. Aside from its interesting history, the town’s waters are rich in aquatic resources, which is why it is a great spot for anglers. 

The area that would later become Plymouth got its name from John Smith, an English explorer. He named the area after the city of Plymouth in Southwest England when he first came upon it in 1614. Plymouth served as the capital for the new colony established by the pilgrims until it merged with the nearby Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. Fast forward to the 19th century, Plymouth became a center for fishing, shipping, and rope-making. Rope-making, in particular, became a crucial industry in the town, as the Plymouth Cordage Company was situated here. This company was once the world’s largest rope-making company.  

Today, Plymouth remains a bustling port town, but it shifted its industry from rope-making to tourism. Plymouth is located on the western side of Cape Cod, making it the perfect place to go to if you want to experience Cape Cod fishing. Aside from fishing, there are plenty of other attractions in Plymouth, such as Plymouth Beach, Plymouth Rock, and the Mayflower II.  

Plymouth Fishing 

Because of its location, there is no doubt that anglers will have the time of their lives fishing Plymouth’s waters. Cape Cod is famous for being one of the top fishing destinations on the East Coast, with a wide variety of gamefish swimming its waters. Anglers will find bluefish, striped bass, haddock, black sea bass, tautog, and pollock swimming either in Plymouth’s inshore or offshore waters. Close by Cape Cod is the Atlantic Ocean and anglers can find bluefin tuna in it. This fish is one of the reasons why anglers flock to Plymouth’s offshore waters; it is delicious and offers a great challenge to anglers. For those who want a more exotic catch, you can also find blue, mako, and porbeagle sharks swimming in the area’s offshore waters. 

There are several fishing charters available for hire in Plymouth. These charters provide a variety of services to customers, from transporting them to teaching them fishing techniques. New and experienced anglers alike will benefit from their advice as they know all the fishing spots in Plymouth like the back of their hands.  

The fishing techniques used in Plymouth are fly fishing, trolling, spinning, baitcasting, and surfcasting. Plymouth then is the perfect place to practice your fishing skills while being able also to catch gamefish. The area’s beaches are some of the best places to catch fish. 

Popular fishing spots in Plymouth include Nelson Beach, Plymouth Beach, Warren Cove, Plymouth Harbor, and Browns Bank. These spots are perfect for new anglers who want to start somewhere in Plymouth but don’t know where to do so and for experienced anglers who want to make the most of their trip. Nelson and Plymouth Beaches are perfect for anglers who wish to cast their lines within or close to the shore. Kayak fishing is also possible in the beaches in the area.

Fishing trips here vary depending on the angler’s preferences. Some trips last only half a day, while others could last for several days. The latter happens when offshore anglers are looking for tuna and sharks in the Atlantic. These gamefish are prized both for their size and the challenge they offer to anglers. Anglers fortunate enough to catch either fish get an excellent trophy and an equally excellent fishing experience. 

Spots like Plymouth Harbor and its channel are good spots to catch flounder, black sea bass, tautog, and haddock. Cape Cod’s inshore are teeming with gamefish throughout the year that anglers will struggle to snag all of them in a single trip. 

Another spot for fishing is the Ellisville Harbor State Park. This State Park offers visitors an opportunity to fish South Shore’s waters away from the more popular fishing spots, as well as other outdoor activities. You can launch your boat here and cast your line on its marshy waters while looking at the scenic view. 


Top 10 Fish Species in Plymouth, MA

The top 10 fish species to catch in Plymouth, MA are the black sea bass, porbeagle shark, haddock, bluefish, striped bass, pollock, blue shark, bluefin tuna, flounder, and the mako shark

Plymouth, MA Fishing: One of America’s Favorite Hometowns Fish species
Black Sea Bass
Black Sea Bass fish

Habitat: Offshore, Onshore, Nearshore, Wreck, Reef

Weight: 2 - 9 Pounds

Length: 10" - 26"

Bluefish fish

Habitat: Nearshore, Onshore

Weight: 3 - 15 Pounds

Length: 15" - 51"

Striped Bass
Striped Bass fish

Habitat: River, Lake, Onshore, Near shore

Weight: 10 - 81 Pounds

Length: 20" - 55"

Bluefin Tuna 
Bluefin Tuna  fish

Habitat: Offshore

Weight: 200 - 600 Pounds

Length: 78" - 180"

Pollock fish

Habitat: Offshore, Nearshore

Weight: 20 - 35 Pounds

Length: 24" - 42"

Shortfin Mako Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark fish

Habitat: Offshore

Weight: 150 - 300 Pounds

Length: 72" - 150"

Porbeagle Shark
Porbeagle Shark fish

Habitat: Offshore, Continental Shelves, Slopes, Inshore

Weight: 300 - 550 Pounds

Length: 60" - 140"

Haddock  fish

Habitat: Onshore, Nearshore, Rocky Bottom

Weight: 2 - 10 Pounds

Length: 14" - 36"

Plymouth Seasonal Fishing

With so much gamefish in its waters, fishing is an all-year-round affair in Plymouth. You can go any time and expect to land a catch. Still, for those who wish to make the most of their trips here, the best time to go to Plymouth is from May to October. These are the months when a lot of the prized gamefish in the area appear in numbers and when they’re most active as well. But if you really can’t avoid visiting during early spring and winter, there are still gamefish available in Plymouth for you. You can find pollock, striped bass, and a few porbeagle sharks swimming in the area’s waters during these times. There also are months when catching certain gamefish aren’t allowed in Plymouth’s waters. An example is the black sea bass, which aren’t available from January to April and October to December. 


Fun Things to Do While in Plymouth

1. Fishing Charters 

With its bountiful waters, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of available fishing charters for hire in Plymouth’s waters. There are 68 charters available in Plymouth; each charter specializes in either a fishing spot or technique. New anglers can avail of their services if they require assistance during their trip. For experienced anglers, it is wise to hire a fishing charter if they wish to go offshore and land themselves a tuna or shark. 


2. Visit the Area’s Many Historic Sites

Of course, any trip to Plymouth won’t be complete without visiting the many historic sites. The popular ones are Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower II, and the National Monument of the Forefathers. These sites allow a glimpse of America’s past when the very first settlers arrived here and made the area their home. The Mayflower II deserves special mention; it is a reconstruction of the original ship that carried the first pilgrims to America. 


3. Relax At The Ellisville Harbor State Park

Want to get away from all the noise and hassle? Why not take a trip and experience the beauty of nature in the Ellisville Harbor State Park. This State Park provides plenty of outdoor activities to its visitors, such as hiking, beachcombing, and sightseeing. During fall and winter, you can even see harbor seals just offshore of the park. If you want to go somewhere more serene than the other popular destinations around Cape Cod, this is the place for you. 

Fishing Techniques
Surf Casting
Surf Casting
Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing