Alisal Creek

Monterey County, California.

Alisal Creek midpoint in Salinas, California.

Alisal Creek ends in Salinas, California.

39 feet (12 meters)

16.71 miles long (26.90 kilometers)

About The Alisal Creek

Alisal Creek is a River located in Monterey County, CA. Starting in Salinas, CA the Alisal Creek flows 17 miles through Salinas, CA before ending in Salinas, CA. The Alisal Creek rises to an elevation of 39 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


All about Alisal Creek, CA

Alisal Creek is a short stream found in Monterey County. Classified as a watershed, the creek drains rainwater and flows its water to larger water bodies. It is part of the irrigation system found in Salinas City that flows in the river of the same name. Eventually, the water finds its way into Monterey Bay and into the Pacific Ocean.

The Salinas River runs at 175 miles, making it the longest Californian river found on the Central Coast. It begins in the southern part of the San Luis Obispo County, where it flows north into Monterey County, where it receives water from various tributaries including Alisal Creek. Other than an outflow for Monterey Bay, the river is an important source of irrigation for the farms and vineyards in the valley area.

Salinas City, where Alisal Creek flows through, was a land settled by the Esselen Native Americans and then by the Rumsen-Ohlones. Spanish missionaries were the first European immigrants to settle in the area where they were granted lands in order to preach. In 1848 California became part of the United States. The town flourished in the late 19th century because of the booming agricultural sector and the opening of the railroad. Trade further boomed when Chinese immigrants came and worked the fields, transforming the area from a marshy swampland into prod