Bates Slough

Tulare County, California.

Bates Slough midpoint in Tulare, California.

Bates Slough ends in Waukena, California.

226 feet (69 meters)

5.47 miles long (8.80 kilometers)

110191.54 miles (177336.14 sq kilometers)

About The Bates Slough

Bates Slough is a River located in Tulare County, CA. Starting in Tulare, CA the Bates Slough flows 5 miles through Tulare, CA before ending in Waukena, CA. The Bates Slough rises to an elevation of 226 feet and has a surface area of 68,470 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Bates Slough, CA

Bates Slough is a shallow and narrow stream located at the western edge of Tulare County, CA and about three miles southwest from the city. This body of water is about five miles long and winds slightly northeast across farmlands from Deep Creek (a man-made canal used for irrigation) to Road 64. Like most slough, Bates is sometimes stagnant, especially during summers as some parts of the stream dry up. Water does flow for most of the year, although a bit slow. Trees, shrubs, and other smaller clumps of vegetation grow throughout the stretch of the stream, providing a fairly sustainable habitat for some wildlife, including small species of birds and some gamefish.            

Bates Slough Fishing Description

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