Blackwater Sound

Monroe County, Florida.

Blackwater Sound ends in Key Largo, Florida.

19226088.24 miles (30941399.32 sq kilometers)

About The Blackwater Sound

About Blackwater Sound, FL

Blackwater Sound is a bay located in Monroe County, Florida, southwest of Jewfish and Cross Key. Found just 5.9 miles from Florida Keys’ longest island, Key Largo, this fishing area is near other bodies of water such as Little Buttonwood Sound, Tarpon Basin, Largo Sound, Lake Surprise, and Little Blackwater Sound. 

The aggressive development of the area surrounding Blackwater Sound started just fairly recently. It was after the appointment of Lillian Sexton as postmaster that the place really started to boom. The couple purchased land near the post office, which they developed to house a hotel and store. The area was consistently developed and became more habitable as Charles offered land clearing and dredging services. The area, which was then dubbed as the “Venice of the keys,” is now known as Sexton Cove.

Nowadays, visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities in the area, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, eco-tours, dolphin encounter programs, and - of course - fishing. 

Blackwater Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Blackwater Sound, FL 

The bodies of water around Key Largo, including Blackwater Sound, is a mix of warm and nutrient-rich waters of the Caribbean Basin that move down into the Straits of Florida, as well as the waters of the shallow-water nurseries flowing from Everglades and Florida Bay. The result is a rich saltwater ecosystem that is home to a variety of fish. In Blackwater Sound, anglers ma