Bucksnort Creek

Lake County, California.

Bucksnort Creek midpoint in Hidden Valley Lake, California.

Bucksnort Creek ends in Hidden Valley Lake, California.

653 feet (199 meters)

14.48 miles long (23.30 kilometers)

About The Bucksnort Creek

Bucksnort Creek is a River located in Lake County, CA. Starting in Calistoga, CA the Bucksnort Creek flows 14 miles through Hidden Valley Lake, CA before ending in Hidden Valley Lake, CA. The Bucksnort Creek rises to an elevation of 653 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.

All About Bucksnort Creek, CA

Bucksnort Creek is a short creek about the length of 13 miles. It is a fairly short waterway that acts as a watershed course that connects to other major creeks, streams, and eventually a river. Watersheds are land areas that channel rainwater and snowmelt to rivers, creeks, and streams, eventually finding their way to major water bodies. Bucksnort creek is also surrounded by other lakes such as the McCreary, Wildcat, and Amel Lakes. And is a tributary to the Putah Creek, a major stream and an important tributary to the Sacramento River.

Creeks are a type of stream, surface water flowing within beds and banks of a channel. There are various types of stream just like the creek. Its distinction comes from their differing sizes. Other types of streams include brooks, runnels, and rivers. 

The creek is located in Clear Lake county, which takes its name from Clear Lake, the largest natural lake completely found in California. The area was first inhabited by the Pomo Native Americans, who have been living in the area for over ten thousand years. The Pomo were fishermen and hunters who were also known for their basketry made from tule, plants, and feathers. During the mid 19th century European immigrants settled in the area