Cedar Swamp

Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Cedar Swamp ends in Reading, Massachusetts.

79 feet (24 meters)

2.92 miles (4.71 sq kilometers)

About The Cedar Swamp

Cedar Swamp is a Swamp located in Middlesex County, MA. Starting in the Cedar Swamp has a total surface area of 1.8 miles. The Cedar Swamp has an elevation of 79 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.


About Cedar Swamp, MA

Cedar Swamp is a 1650-acre sized vegetated wetland in Westborough, Massachusetts. It is located 3.4 miles away from Berkley, sandwiched between Framingham and Worcester, and stretched into Hopkinton. Cedar Swamp is the largest of the three major wetlands in Westborough, followed by the Crane Swamp and Assabet Swamp. The three water bodies cover a total of three miles approximately. The swamp is easily accessible to urban people living in the middle eastern part of Massachusetts.

With the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation State Parks Division as the major landowner of the swamp, it has been made a reserve as part of their Landscape Designation in 2011. The area is named after the Atlantic white cedars that are still growing in the swamp at present time. It is also the headwater and critical floodwater storage provider of the neighboring Sudbury River. The swamp has also been tagged as a growing habitat for rare species by the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP). It is the second-largest archeological and historic district in the area. 

The swamp typically only allows foot traffic, and there are two major public access points to enter the area. The best and easiest way is through the back of St. Luke’s Cemetery and the other access point is in the Town of Westborough Rogers Property.