Chattahoochee River

Decatur County, Georgia.

Chattahoochee River midpoint in Thomaston, Georgia.

Chattahoochee River ends in Chattahoochee, Florida.

75 feet (23 meters)

434.90 miles long (699.90 kilometers)

14896409.35 miles (23973454.43 sq kilometers)

About The Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River is a River located in Decatur County, GA. Starting in Helen, GA the Chattahoochee River flows 435 miles through Thomaston, GA before ending in Chattahoochee, FL. The Chattahoochee River rises to an elevation of 75 feet and has a surface area of 9,256,199 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About the Chattahoochee River, GA

Chattahoochee River is a 434-mile long body of water that runs through the whole state of Georgia. The river’s water originates from several headstreams in the Blueridge Mountains in Northeastern Georgia. It flows southwestward through the state and passes through several cities, counties, and state parks until it drains into West Point Lake where it branches out to different lakes, creeks, streams, and other tributaries. From there, the Chattahoochee River continues its journey southward, straddling the Georgia-Alabama border where, again, it gives life to several bodies of water including Lake Herring, Lake Oliver, Walter F. George Reservoir, and Lake Seminole. At the southern part of Lake Seminole, the river ends right at the border of Georgia and Florida at the western edge of the city of Chattahoochee where the Apalachicola River begins.

The name Chattahoochee is believed to be of Native American origin, particularly from the Muscogee and Seminole people found primarily in the states of Florida and Oklahoma. There are thirteen dams found throughout the course of the river that regulate and control the flow of water, mainly to store and provide drinking w