Cuthbert Lake

Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Cuthbert Lake ends in Homestead, Florida.

2.53 miles (4.06 sq kilometers)

About The Cuthbert Lake

About Cuthbert Lake, FL

Cuthbert Lake is a 1004-acre water body located in Miami-Dade, Florida. It is situated northeast of Alligator Creek and right beside Long Lake. Other bodies of water in its proximity are West Lake, Henry Lake, Seven Palm Lake, Middle Lake, and Monroe Lake. 

Cuthbert Lake is within Everglades National Park - a 1.5-million-acre reserve purposely developed to protect 20% of Florida’s Everglades. Another purpose of this park is to protect the unique ecosystems and the diversity of species living within the park’s jurisdiction. Through the years, Everglades National Park has been a popular tourist destination, mainly due to its many bodies of water, such as Cuthbert Lake, wherein people could hike, fish, and enjoy the extraordinary scenery. 

Cuthbert Lake Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Cuthbert Lake, FL

Cuthbert Lake is home to a diverse number of fish species, making it a popular spot among anglers. Common species caught here include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, striped bass, catfish, and common carp. Due to the abundance of mangroves in Cuthbert Lake, fish tend to take refuge near or within them, especially when a lot of birds are lurking around the lake. And since the lake is located within a wetland, fish can feed on weed, algae, insects, or smaller fish. 

Spinning and jigging are the most common techniques used by anglers in Cuthbert Lake. These techniques are typically used since they are very straightforward to execute. This is why even anglers with beginner to intermediate skill levels could enjoy a nice day fishing in Cuthbert Lake. Regarding going around the lake to reach deeper spots, It’s best to use paddle boats as some areas are “no motor zones.” The reason behind this is the abundance of mangroves that may damage motors. It is also to prevent the disturbance of habitats underneath the waters. Some bodies of water in Everglades National Park are allowed for motorboats, but specific permits are needed that anglers may obtain from the park administration itself. 

The park administration is very particular when it comes to the types of bait to use in the park’s waters. Under Florida’s fishing regulations, anglers are not allowed to use unnatural bait to preserve the ecosystems thriving within the park. Insects, worms, and tiny baitfish are most recommended when fishing in Cuthbert Lake. And since the water is dark and musty, using neon-colored bait or plugs works well too. 

Cuthbert Lake Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Cuthbert Lake, as well as the other lakes in Everglades National Park, offers year-round fishing for local and visiting anglers. The abundance of fish species here and the self-sustaining ecosystem allow fish to thrive no matter what season it is. The period between January and February is typically the best time to visit for anglers targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass. Aside from the time of year considerations, weather plays a big part in scheduling fishing trips in Cuthbert Lake. Fish here are known to be highly reactive to temperature, especially during warmer days. Like most fish, fish in Cuthbert Lake mov