East Fork Todd Fork

Warren County, Ohio.

East Fork Todd Fork midpoint in Cuba, Ohio.

East Fork Todd Fork ends in Clarksville, Ohio.

810 feet (247 meters)

23.61 miles long (38.00 kilometers)

About The East Fork Todd Fork

About East Fork Todd Fork, OH

East Todd Fork is a stream in Warren County near Wilmington. It’s approximately 7.1 miles from Blanchester and can also be found near Clarksville county. The stream has an elevation of 246 meters and has a length of about 20 miles with a width of 60 to 80 feet. Its headwaters start in the northwest of New Vienna and west of State Route 73. The stream’s mouth opens just southwest of Clarksville and east of State Route 22. It is also near Camp Joy, a camp found southwest near Clarksville county.  

The stream is a tributary of the Little Miami River and has the Cowan Creek functioning as its tributary. The Cowan creek also functions as an outlet for Cowan Lake, a location with a large population of various fish species. Both Cowan Lake and Cowan Creek flow to East Fork Todd Fork. These connections to other water bodies allow the stream to have a healthy amount of fish species passing through it. 

The name of the stream can be traced to the early 18th century when a group of pioneers called the Todd family settled in the area. It has also been called Todd’s Fork by the locals. 

You can also find the Martinsville Road Covered Bridge over this stream, listing it among the National Register of Historic Places. You can also find a few abandoned railways near the area, these are best avoided since they are private property.