East River

Queens County, New York.

East River ends in Astoria, New York.

3.04 miles long (4.90 kilometers)

About The East River

East River, NY

East River is a long and narrow body that has a length of approximately 16 miles. It is known to connect the south end of NY harbor to Long Island Sound’s north end, separating Queens from the Bronx and Manhattan from Queens and Brooklyn. Contrary to common misconception, the East River isn’t actually a river. It’s called a “Salt Water Tidal Strait,” given that it connects two bodies of water and doesn’t have fresh water in it. 

In the previous years, fishing in the East River has been strongly advised against because of the pollution caused by untreated sewage, ground runoff, and the accumulation of garbage. But with recent rehabilitation efforts, East River is now in the process of recovery. Although it still is not safe to swim and drink water from it, East River is now safe for boating and recreational fishing activities. However, eating fish from the East River is still not recommended. 

East River Fishing Description

All About Fishing in East River, NY

With the East River tides changing depending on the time of day, salinity levels throughout the East River stretch vary. Due to this, there is a diversity of fish species that gets trapped in it. Although a few freshwater species are spotted from time to time, they are not migrating species but are just swept in and usually do not survive. The variety of fish commonly seen by local anglers includes