Edgartown Great Pond

Dukes County, Massachusetts.

Edgartown Great Pond ends in Edgartown, Massachusetts.

3 feet (1 meters)

2.20 miles (3.54 sq kilometers)

About The Edgartown Great Pond

About Edgartown Great Pond, MA

Edgartown Great Pond is an excellent pond with brackish water and an area of 544 to 840 acres, located on the south shore of Martha's Vineyard Island in the south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It divides into several coves: Jane’s Cove, Wintucket Cove, Mashacket Cove, Turkeyland Cove, Slough Cove, and Job's Neck Cove. It is a coastal pond with 15 miles of shoreline, separated from the Atlantic ocean by a strip of beach called the barrier beach.

The pond meets the Atlantic ocean four times a year when the narrowest portion of the beach barrier is cut open. Traditionally, the Wampanoag tribe used to cut the beach by hand, but today, an excavator is used to cut an opening between the two bodies of water. The opening in the barrier beach allows it to help flush out the pond by exchanging pond and ocean waters. The influx of saltwater from the ocean increases the lake's salinity, reduces the temperature, and refreshes the pond; it takes about 11 days to achieve a 95 percent water exchange rate; over time, the tide fills in the cut, and the barrier beach heals itself.

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