Elk Bayou

Tulare County, California.

Elk Bayou midpoint in Tulare, California.

Elk Bayou ends in Tulare, California.

243 feet (74 meters)

13.30 miles long (21.40 kilometers)

73008.67 miles (117496.09 sq kilometers)

About The Elk Bayou

All About Elk Bayou, CA

Elk Bayou is a short waterway found in Tulare County.  The marshy canal has a length of 2.14 km or 1.3 miles. Adjacent to the creek is the Elk Bayou Park, a community space with three picnic shelters, a ballfield, and a playground.

Bayou in general are slow-moving creeks or a swampy section of a lake or river. Bayous are associated the most with New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole for its Mississippi River Delta. Their vegetation comes from a variety of ways, from moss to surrounding trees, which is why most bayous are inhabited by a diverse group of species both land and aquatic. Bayous are also considered brackish waters, meaning it can have a mix of both freshwater and saltwater. All in all these make them an important component of the American commercial and game fishing industries. 

Before European immigrants settled in the Tulare County area, it was first populated by the Native American group, the Yukon, who had occupied the area for thousands of years. When Spanish missionaries arrived, they discovered a great lake surrounded by marshes and rushes, a type of plant similar to reeds. They named the area Los Tules, the name Tulare originated from. The name Tulare also comes from the Nahuatl word, tullin, the same type of plant commonly found in the Tulare Lake.

Elk Bayou Fishing Description