Forty Arpent Canal

Plaquemines County, Louisiana.

Forty Arpent Canal ends in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

12.43 miles long (20.00 kilometers)

544489.36 miles (876270.96 sq kilometers)

About The Forty Arpent Canal

About Forty Arpent Canal, LA

The Forty Arpent Canal, also sometimes referred to as Florida Canal, is a freshwater canal found in the New Orleans metropolitan area in Louisiana. Constructed in the 18th century, it originates in Faubourg Marigny, running side by side with the Mississippi River to the east as it continues its way down to the East Bank of Plaquemines. On the riverside of the canal, there’s a roadway built using the dug-up earth when the canal was being constructed. In the past, the canal was an industrial feature used by small vessels to move between plantations.

The Forty Arpent Canal is made up of smaller, disconnected canals. Around the 19th and 20th centuries, the old Forty Arpent Canal was divided into several parts to accommodate the construction of perpendicular canals. That is why today, the canal’s name has two varieties depending on location. In places like Plaquemines and Saint Bernard people would refer to it as simply Forty Arpent Canal, while in other areas like New Orleans, people would call it Florida Canal. Although less popular than the two, Da Forty is another nickname given to it by anglers.

Forty Arpent Canal Fishing Description

About Fishing in Forty Arpent Canal, LA

Originally used for shipping, the Forty Arpent Canal turned into a recreational playground