Huntington Bay

Suffolk County, New York.

Huntington Bay ends in Centerport, New York.

21055192.40 miles (33885058.05 sq kilometers)

About The Huntington Bay

About Huntington Bay, NY

Huntington Bay is a water body situated at the north shore of the Village of Huntington Bay and the east side of Huntington Harbor that runs approximately 1,880 acres in size. It belongs to the Five Harbors of Long Island, located between the Northport Harbor and Lloyd Harbor along with Cold Spring Harbor and Centerport. The Target Rock National Wildlife borders the bay on the west, and it has underdeveloped peninsulas surrounding it. Huntington Bay also connects to Long Island Sound on the north and the south shores of Connecticut.  

The Town of Huntington began as a flourishing shipbuilding community because of its proximity and easy access to the Long Island shores. With Huntington Bay and all its neighboring harbors’ topography, the citizens, specifically in the Village of Huntington Bay, have put up laws and policies to promote storm-water management in order to protect the water quality of the bay. The village has established subsurface catch and leaching basins that prevent the infiltration of water runoffs to the surrounding bodies of water. This makes Huntington Bay one of the best and safest fishing destinations on Long Island.

The bay's village and town namesake is known for its picturesque estates, great restaurants, and the various beach communities it possesses, such as Hobart’s Beach, West Neck Beach, and Fleets Cove Beach. Huntington also has one of the best downtown stops and tourist spots in Long Island that will amplify its residents’ and visitors’ fishing fever. Try visiting the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium and the Whaling Museum when you are in the area.

Huntington Bay Fishing Description