Lake Erie

Lake County, Ohio.

Lake Erie ends in Grand River, Ohio.

571 feet (174 meters)

8064.85 miles (12979.13 sq kilometers)

About The Lake Erie

About Lake Erie, OH

Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in North America. Amongst the Great Lakes, it is ranked as the fourth-largest one by surface area and among all the lakes around the world, it is ranked as the eleventh-largest. While it has been established that it is a big lake by its surface area, when it comes to its depth, Lake Erie is the shallowest of all the Great Lakes. Its volume measures up to about 64 m or 21 ft. In addition, it has also been the last Great Lake to be explored by Europeans who have eventually converted the lake into a place for commercial fisheries in the 1850s.

Aside from being a spot for commercial fisheries, Lake Erie has also been providing hydroelectric power to the Canadian province of Ontario and the American states of Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio (the places which the water body borders) through its outflow in the Niagara River. Furthermore, the lake’s outflow to the Welland Canal has also served as a way to divert water for ship passages.

Lake Erie Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Lake Erie, OH

Due to the fertile soil that surrounds Lake Erie, the freshwater body has a diverse ecosystem, serving as home to a total of a hundred and thirty species of fish that are native to the lake. The main fish species available for fishing that can be spotted in the lake are the yellow perch