Mill Creek

Kings County, California.

Mill Creek midpoint in Visalia, California.

Mill Creek ends in Hanford, California.

236 feet (72 meters)

24.98 miles long (40.20 kilometers)

About The Mill Creek

About Mill Creek, CA

Mill Creek is a stream flowing 47 miles as a tributary of the Sacramento River in northern California. A thermal spring within Lassen Volcanic National Park serves as its headwaters. Then, it runs through meadows and conifer forests in the upper reaches, plunging across a steep lava rim canyon and flowing out of the northern Sierra foothills until the creek reaches the Sacramento Valley. 

Covering 134 square miles (350 km2), Mill Creek possesses remarkable biotic integrity, owing to its roadless scenery and capacity as an aquatic habitat for hundreds of species, including endangered and anadromous fish. The Mill Creek, along with the other tributaries of the Sacramento River, such as Battle Creek, Antelope Creek, Deer Creek, Big Chico Creek, and Butte Creek, supplies drinking water for at least two-thirds of California and supports additional perks for wilderness-related recreation and industrial water supplies.

In 1824, Judge Samuel Dexter constructed the Mill Creek Dam as a power source for watermills, providing timber and flour for the community in the area. And this was where Mill Creek’s name originated.

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