Mississippi River

Plaquemines County, Louisiana.

Mississippi River midpoint in Vienna, Missouri.

Mississippi River ends in Pilottown, Louisiana.

2317.03 miles long (3728.90 kilometers)

292830839.91 miles (471265701.03 sq kilometers)

About The Mississippi River

Mississippi River is a River located in Plaquemines County, LA. Starting in Park Rapids, MN the Mississippi River flows 2073 miles through Vienna, MO before ending in Pilottown, LA. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


Mississippi River, LA

The Mississippi River, situated entirely in the United States, is the second-longest river in North America and measures about 1.2 million square miles, approximately one-eighth of the whole continent. Flowing over 2,300 miles long, it begins from the Lake Itasca in Minnesota and ends at the Gulf of Mexico, downstream from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The Mississippi River divides into three portions – the Upper, the Middle, and the Lower Mississippi. The Upper Mississippi is the boundary of the river from its headwaters to convergence with the Missouri River. Downstream from the Missouri River to the Ohio River is the Middle Mississippi, and the water from the Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico is the Lower Mississippi.

Glacial lakes, vegetations, and pine forests are present through the river before reaching its tributaries. The Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and the Atchafalaya Rivers converge with the Mississippi River along its journey. It has a drainage area shaped like a triangle, comprising either parts or whole of 31 different states, around 40 percent of the United States.