Rankin Bight

Monroe County, Florida.

Rankin Bight ends in Homestead, Florida.

3848510.09 miles (6193578.54 sq kilometers)

About The Rankin Bight

About Rankin Bight, FL

Rankin Bight is a bight or bay located in the Monroe County of Florida in the West Lake area near Flamingo and can also be found surrounded by the localities of Porpoise Point, Crocodile Point, Shark Point in the southwest, Mosquito Point in southeast, and Otter Key in the south. It is also known as Alligator Bight or Mosquito Bight. Additionally, it is a bight situated on Florida Bay, Santini Bight, The Everglades, and the Atlantic Ocean in Everglades National Park, Otter Key, the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

The bight appears as a circular two-mile-wide cove inside the curved spits of Shark Point and Mosquito Point, which protrude from the mainland like the pinchers of a beetle. The bay is abundant in seagrass, especially turtle grass, though more and more of the vegetation are dying each year due to rising temperatures, yellow sulfide contamination, and algae blooms. Rankin Bight gets its fresh water from Florida Bay as it flows south after it rains but it also has areas of saltwater.

Rankin Bight Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Rankin Bight, FL

The most popular fish to catch in Rankin Bight is the spotted or speckled sea trout known for its inshore fishing capabilities. One can also find a few