Reggio Canal

Plaquemines County, Louisiana.

Reggio Canal ends in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

5.84 miles long (9.40 kilometers)

About The Reggio Canal

About Reggio Canal, LA

Reggio Canal is situated in an Isleño fishing community with a small and scattered population in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. It is five miles away from Delacroix Island, nearby Highway 300. The Manuel Canal, Pipeline Canal, Lake Lery, Bayou Mandeville, Tigers Ridge Lake are some of the surrounding water bodies in Reggio Canal.

Reggio Canal used to be known as “Bencheque” from the extinct Guanche language, which means “the place of the trees.” It was established in 1783 when the ethnic group of Canarians populated the area along Bayou Terre-aux-Boeufs. The name Reggio arose in the eighteenth century from the owner of the sugarcane plantation in the area. It continued progressing as the locals engaged in different activities such as hunting, fishing, and Spanish moss gathering during the post-American Civil War. And in the twentieth century, the community of Reggio advanced away from its traditional cultures into urbanization and modernization.

Reggio Canal Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Reggio Canal, LA

Reggio Canal and Reggio Marina are underutilized fishing locations in Louisiana. Local anglers who are familiar with the area are the usual fisherfolks in Reggio Canal. But if you passed by the Reggio, you would be surprised by its vast ecosystem, consisting of deep ponds, lakes, lagoons, and bayous, where you can catch fish species like redfish, trout,