San Joaquin River

Contra Costa County, California.

San Joaquin River midpoint in Jamestown, California.

San Joaquin River ends in Birds Landing, California.

341.19 miles long (549.10 kilometers)

5664582.82 miles (9116265.20 sq kilometers)

About The San Joaquin River

About San Joaquin River, CA

The San Joaquin River is central California’s longest river. The river is formed from forks coming from the Sierra Nevada and flows southwest and then north-northwest towards the city of Stockton. It then joins the Sacramento river on Suisun Bay after a course of 366 miles. It flows and sustains the highly agricultural areas in northern San Joaquin Valley and is a great place for wildlife in the area. Aside from these, the river also provides clean water to thousands of people. 

Despite its importance, the river has suffered from human activities. The area has several dams built unto it, such as the Friant Dam northeast of Fresno. These dams divert the river’s waters towards other areas, disrupting the natural flow of the river. Because of this, there are parts of the river that have dried up and ended what used to be the country’s biggest spring run of chinook salmon

Because of these, efforts have been made to restore the river. Laws such as the 2009 San Joaquin River Settlement Act allowed federal agencies to enact measures to re-water dried areas and restore the once plentiful salmon populations in the area. In 2020, spring chinook salmon has once again returned from the ocean to spawn in the river. 

San Joaquin River Fishing Description

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