South Bay Aqueduct

Alameda County, California.

South Bay Aqueduct ends in Tracy, California.

810 feet (247 meters)

42.44 miles long (68.30 kilometers)

101760.88 miles (163768.32 sq kilometers)

About The South Bay Aqueduct

South Bay Aqueduct, CA

Located in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area, the South Bay Aqueduct carries water through several miles of conduits and canals from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The California Aqueduct's Bethany Reservoir acts as its forebay, conveying from the north-eastern part of Alameda County and passing through the Livermore Valley until it reaches a series of tunnels in San Jose, California.

The South Bay Aqueduct was built in 1960 and started operating for Alameda and Santa Clara County a few years after construction. It provides water supply to Livermore-Amador Valley, East Bay, and Silicon Valley communities through its pumping plants capacity of 330 m3/s, dispensing water through pipelines at Diablo Range, Patterson Reservoir, Livermore Valley, and Lake Del Valle. In a way, the South Bay Aqueduct serves as a lifeline to approximately 2.3 million residents of the greater Bay Area by supporting their lifestyle.

South Bay Aqueduct Fishing Description

All About Fishing in South Bay Aqueduct, CA

The South Bay Aqueduct is a part of an estuarine ecosystem that supports biotic communities and economic pursuits. Fisherfolks have also marked their staked-out spots in the area for fishing activities. It is a prime fishing location for numerous fish, including striped bass,