Spindletop Ditch

Jefferson County, Texas.

Spindletop Ditch ends in Winnie, Texas.

11.00 miles long (17.70 kilometers)

About The Spindletop Ditch

About Spindletop Ditch, TX 

Spindletop Ditch is a freshwater marshland that runs for about 23 miles southeast and rises for an estimate of 3 miles south. This body of water is located south of Texas’ Beaumont and can be found nearby Spindletop, the oil field that has been known as the “mother of the Texas oil industry” since the discovery of large volumes of oil within the area prompted the United States of America to move into the oil age.

Although actually a bayou and known to the rest of Texas as “Spindletop Bayou”, it is referred to as a ditch mostly by the residents of the Jefferson counties who are most familiar with the water body as it flows through their irrigation and drainage systems, allowing them to use its water for agricultural and residential purposes. 

Spindletop Ditch Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Spindletop Ditch, TX

Being a freshwater bayou, Spindletop Ditch is incredibly abundant in freshwater marine species. Some of the most common fish are bass, channel catfish, red drum, and