Tarpon Bay

Lee County, Florida.

Tarpon Bay ends in Sanibel, Florida.

2306601.90 miles (3712117.08 sq kilometers)

About The Tarpon Bay

About Tarpon Bay, FL

Tarpon Bay is a mangrove estuary in the Everglades National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which Florida’s Sanibel Island promotes as its main attraction.

The bay owes its name to the first tarpon caught by architect William H. Wood from Chicago with the usage of rod and reel in 1885. This significant event has also led Sanibel Island to be bestowed the title “Tarpon Capital of the World”.

Since Wood’s success in catching tarpon, many have continued to visit the bay in order to experience catching the fish species themselves, making fishing one of the most in-demand recreational activities in the entire park.

Today, Tarpon Bay is visited for its tarpon and its tranquil and clean surroundings. 

Tarpon Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Tarpon Bay, FL

Although Tarpon Bay may be best known for its tarpon, the estuary is also a dwelling place for many other different fish species. Some of the most targeted fish in the area aside from tarpon are the snook, redfish, and