Tule River

Kings County, California.

Tule River midpoint in Tipton, California.

Tule River ends in Kettleman City, California.

184 feet (56 meters)

57.60 miles long (92.70 kilometers)

1173129.42 miles (1887969.37 sq kilometers)

About The Tule River

About Tule River, CA

Tule River, otherwise known as Rio de San Pedro which is located in Tulare County, streams 71.4 miles (114.9 km). Originating from the Sierra Nevada, the river is composed of three forks: North, Middle, and South. The North and Middle Fork meet above Springville; whereas the South Fork connects to the rest of the river at Lake Success. The water from this river used to empty in Tulare Lake before it was diverted for irrigation. Although when floods arise, Tule River’s waters still end up reaching Tulare Lake. 

Tule River is named after a common cattail called “tule.” After Moraga’s expedition that took place in 1806, the river was given the name Rio de San Pedro. But according to Derby’s map in 1850, the river would commonly be referred to as Tule River or Rio San Pedro. 

Tule River Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Tule River, CA

All three forks of the river are frequently visited by anglers for a fishing trip. With these forks positioned close by Porterville, the most popular fish species to catch in the area would be