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calendarJanuary 19, 2021
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Meet Capt. James Canelos – Awesome Guidesly Guide for Fishing Florida’s Northeast Atlantic Coast

Continuing our “Great Guidesly  Guide” series, please meet Captain James Canelosnative Florida fisherman and proprietor of St. Augustine, FL-based All Water Expeditions.

Fishing the waters of St. Augustine since he was a child, Cap’n James is a veteran guide who proudly exclaims: “From the first time I felt the drag scream of a shallow redfish, I knew this was what I was meant to do!”

A specialist in Inshore Light Tackle and Fly Fishing in North Florida, Captain James Canelos is USCG licensed / insured, and has extensive knowledge of the local fisheries and habitats to provide great experiences out on the water.  

As the “AWE” acronym of his business suggests, James’s customers are his biggest fans and give him top ratings. One of his happy clients (Sophie) described a recent outing with him as “an awesome fishing experience with a great guide!”

Fishing St. Augustine – Capital of Florida’s Northeast Atlantic Coast 


As a lifetime resident of the oldest U.S. city founded by Europeans, James qualifies as a one-man chamber of commerce for St. Augustine. 

As the Captain himself raves: 

“Beyond St. Augustine’s ancient history and beautiful beaches, it’s also a great place to fish!  With expansive marshes and creeks, it creates a great habitat for many species of gamefish. Miles and miles of spartina grass provide an abundance of life and prey that redfish, sea trout, flounder, and drum cannot resist! Oyster lined flats, shell bank drop offs, and dock structure additionally provide the much-needed environment for predator fish to thrive.”

The nearshore waters up to ten miles from the coast of St. Augustine are home to plenty of reefs, ledges, and wrecks that allow for easy deep access to deep-sea fishing for various species of snapper and grouper throughout the year. Other migratory fish like cobia are also found in nearshore waters, and amberjacks and black sea bass are frequently caught, too.

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Fishing with Capt. James Canelos:  From Redfish to Snapper and Tarpon-- So many fish, so little time!

James prides himself on customizing each and every trip to the wants and skill level of every person he guides. “Whether you are an experienced angler, new to fishing, or a family with young kids, I try to be laid back, patient and encouraging and do all I can to be sure we share some stories, have some laughs, and catch some fish,” he says.                

The rich marshes of North Florida provide an ideal fishery for redfish to thrive, and over the years, James has caught thousands of redfish using a wide range of different techniques. If deep water fishing is more to your liking, Captain Canelos can set you up for a voyage through the Intercoastal Waterway, or  off the Atlantic Coast. Among all the saltwater species, the fierce tarpon is his favorite, and his personal record catch was a 173 lb. monster, he caught near the inlet.

Proving he cares about customers, James says “if a client tells me they’ve had a fun and memorable day, then I know I’ve been successful.”

Captain Canelos Calls  Guidesly “A True Partner” 

James describes Guidesly as “a fantastic new way for a client to find a captain.”


Here are some of his thoughts on Guidesly:

"Many charter bookings typically come from people who are visiting from elsewhere and don’t have knowledge of the local area. Guidesly makes that process easy by showing them online profiles of captains who really know the nearby waterways and the fish that live in them. The Guidesly Pro mobile app is awesome for guides like me. I love how my online Profile, Fishing Journal, and user reviews help my business gain exposure to new markets and prospects that would otherwise be hard to reach. Even better, I can manage my trip calendar, get booked and paid even when I’m out fishing!”

You can book James for the most exceptional St. Augustine, Florida fishing experience by clicking here.