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Escape the crowds in the city and travel through the hidden paradise of Hays, TX. Nestled in Edwards Plateau, Hays, Tx, is one of America’s fastest-growing counties. However, despite the rapid population growth, historic sites remained to be preserved. 

Named after Captain John Coffee “Jack” Hays, who is a legendary Texas ranger and one of the best-known and well-respected Texans today, Hays County continues to be a legend.  Not only because of the scenic views and historical sites but also because of its rich marine ecosystem which makes it a must-visit angling location to anglers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and grab onto your fishing reels and rods and explore the paradise lying within Hays. 

Fishing in Hays, TX: Great Fishing Opportunities Anytime, Anyday

Geographically speaking, Hays Tx does not have any direct access to seas and ocean water. However, this does not mean that angling in Hays would be less fun. In fact, Hays, TX offers just as many angling opportunities to local and visiting anglers. With more than eight lakes, rivers, and many more freshwater fishing spots, anglers will still be able to experience a variety of angling methods like fly fishing, and baitcasting

Fly Fishing in Hays is best experienced in the San Marcos River, which starts at San Marcos Springs in Hays. This is true especially if you are in search of a good size of bass through fly fishing. A good number of smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass and hybrids nestle in the river. Likewise, a good amount of Rio Grande perch and several species of carp, sunfish, gar, and catfish can also be caught in the river. 

The Little Blanco River is another hotspot for fly fishers. The area it passes through has shallow depressions and generally shallow to deep loamy soil with rock outcrops. With vegetation consisting of live oak and ash juniper woods, the stream is an ideal environment where bass and catfish would thrive. Some of the best-caught species here are the largemouth bass, channel catfish, spotted