Book Your Fishing Charter in Church Point, LA

Book your fishing trip in church Point and have a one-of-a-kind fishing experience.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Church Point, LA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Church Point, LA
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December 12, 2022, 4 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Church Point is a community located in Acadia Parish in the American state of Louisiana. There are approximately 4,560 residents there, according to the 2010 census. The Crowley Micropolitan Statistical Area includes it. Only a 20-minute drive separates Church Point, a community with a small-town atmosphere, from Lafayette and Opelousas, two cities with more significant populations. Church Point has a vibrant history, despite not being as abundant as New Orleans.

Many residents of Church Point work as farmers in the larger neighboring settlements, or they raise crawfish, rice, soybeans, corn, milo, or sugarcane.

Church Point Fishing: Your Access to Freshwater Fishing

reflection of trees on the lake, angler fishing alone

Fishing at Church Point has a remarkable quality that is unmatched anywhere else. Due to the abundance of largemouth bass in its waters, this location can be what you've been seeking if you want a good supply. But for those seeking to liven things up in their Louisiana inshore fishing charters, there is a wide range of fishing locations close to Church Point and the adjacent fishing at places like Hazelwood Gully, Blaise Lejeune Gully, and Biderman Gully.

This one might be for you if you're looking for Louisiana fishing vacations. The state park on Palmetto Island is 48 miles south of Church Point. It offers an authentic south Louisiana outdoor experience because it is located beside the Vermilion River. The interior lagoons allow canoeists and kayakers to get close to the indigenous plant and animal species, while a boat launch provides access to the river for anglers and boaters. Channel catfish, bluegill, blue catfish, red drum, black drum, and bowfin are some fish species you might catch on your next freshwater charters.

Boating, canoeing, and fishing are all available at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, 60 miles southeast of Church Point. A boat launch makes it simple for visitors to reach the network of canals that wind through the Basin. A tourist center complex features a boat dock with boats for rent, and a nature center offers fun events and activities to learn about the neighborhood ecosystem. Three hiking routes and a canoe track are also available for visitors to have a "close-up" look at the local plant and animal life.

Additionally, Lake Fausse Pointe State Park is the perfect site to begin exploring South Louisiana's natural and cultural heritage because of its setting at the brink of a breathtaking lake wilderness. The lake is home to several fish species like largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill, and freshwater drum.

Chicot State Park is located in South Central Louisiana and spans over 6,400 acres of water and gently sloping hills. Records-breaking freshwater catches of largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and red drum have been made in the waters of Lake Chicot. Anglers value the neighboring boathouse, three boat launches, and boat rental services.

The Park has three landings: South, North, and East. Visitors can find cabins, a group camp, playground equipment, picnic spots, a boat launch, a fishing pier, a conference room, a barbecue pavilion, and a dock with a rental fishing boat. The South Landing and the North Landing are connected by a beautiful road where you can take photos with your groups.

More than 40% of the nation's wetlands are in the Bayou State. The cypress swamps, which are home to a variety of wildlife, provide a unique outdoor adventure for anyone looking to see untouched nature, especially during the day. Of course, you'll undoubtedly bring a catch home if you try fishing in Louisiana waters at any time of the year. Booking your Church Point fishing trip, finding a catch-and-cook restaurant, and enjoying the catch of your fishing expedition are the only things left to do!

Before going on fishing tours, notice every detail associated with the place, including directions, travel price, hotel accommodation per night, houses, and cuisine, to make it an easy experience for you and your family.

You can also book fishing charters around Church Point. 154.8 miles from Church point is the Get'n Hooked Inshore Adventures in New Orleans. You can also find fishing charters in Lafitte, Ron Ron Fishing Charters, 180.7 mi from Church Point. In Grand Isle, Nock Em Dead Bowfishing Charters is 195.1 mi from Church Point. Lastly, Cajun Outcast Inshore Charters in Saint Bernard. Which is 184.0 mi from the city.

Other Activities You Can Do in Church Point

One way to spend your day without fishing is to try these exciting activities that bring out the best of the Bayou.

1. Trail and HIke with the Whole Family

Lake Chicot is encircled by a long hiking/backpacking trail that passes by various rustic campsites. The Park's natural landscape, bottomland hardwood forest, and lake may all be experienced and enjoyed by tourists thanks to the hiking routes. Most of the track is designed for mountain bikers. However, all riders can use the Park's roads if they prefer a quicker pace.

2. Love and Music in the Bayou

Why not take a trip to Church Point to experience the food? Maybe some romance and music on the side. All these are provided by some great restaurants like Sunny's Fried Chicken, 3 Peas in a Pod, and Davis Seafood.

Fish in Church Point and beyond.