Book Your Fishing Charter in Crescent City, CA

Book a fishing trip to Crescent City, CA to surround yourself with nature and experience great fishing.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Crescent City, CA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Crescent City, CA
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November 2, 2021, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Sitting between the Pacific Ocean, ancient California redwood forests, wild rivers and tribal lands, Crescent City is a nature and culture-rich destination on the north coast. Despite its susceptibility to tsunamis due to its offshore geography, it has withstood disasters every time and remains resilient and remarkable with its way of life and spirit. It has truly earned its nickname of ‘Comeback Town, USA’. The city is overrun with sprawling beaches, scenic trails, rugged overlooks, local art, and interesting history.

Adventurers and explorers won’t run out of things to find and do in Crescent City. Its unique combination of wild, marine and urban life will satisfy everyone’s interests. The place offers varying attractions and activities that are also family friendly including beachcombing, surfing, hiking, boating, biking, wildlife viewing, art and historical tours, casino gaming, and fishing. 

Fishing in Crescent City, CA

Crescent City offers any type of angler a peaceful and picturesque or even adventurous fishing experience. Almost a fifth of the city’s area is made of water, lending it well to having access to numerous fishing sites including the neighboring Pacific Ocean and wild rivers. Offshore fishing is very popular in the city but inshore fishing can be done as the local harbor is riddled with piers and docks, and beaches can be found all around. 

Ocean sport fishing and deep sea fishing excursions can be easily availed so anglers have the opportunity to snag fish in the Pacific. Bottom fishing is also open throughout the year. The most popular fish to target are lingcod, rockfish, Chinook salmon, albacore and halibut offshore. From  baitcasting or spinning from the piers or surfcasting from beaches, one has the chance to hook species such as herring, redtail and calico surfperch, starry flounder, walleye, silver surfperch, white seaperch, shiner perch, jacksmelt, surf smelt, (black, blue, brown, and copper) rockfish and sculpin. Rockfish, cabezon, greenling, and perch can also be caught in nearby jetties. A 900-feet long dock called Citizen’s Dock is a notable fishing area while South Beach, Crescent Beach, Kellogg Beach, and Pebble Beach are among the beaches within the city that are open to the public. 

For those who want to experience fishing in wild scenic rivers, Crescent City presents Klamath River and Smith River which offer excellent salmon and trout fishing. The rivers’ rapids are bountiful with species like chinook and coho salmon, steelhead, rainbow and cutthroat trout. Various sunfish, catfish, and perch species are also found in the rivers. The rivers are ideal places to do some drift fishing as well as fly fishing

Immerse in the Nature and Culture of Crescent City

1.Explore the Redwood Forests

10,000 acres of ancient redwood trees as well as the Redwood National and State Parks reside in Crescent City. The area has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

2. Get to Know the City’s Culture

The city’s downtown area is prolific in colorful sidewalks, murals, memorials and historical imagery that informs people of the area’s rich art, history and heritage. Battery Point Lighthouse is the most popular historical landmark in the city and it still functions and offers museum tours today.

Fish in Crescent City and beyond.