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Port O’Connor is known as the “Best Kept Secret on the Gulf Coast” and it’s really not that surprising because even though it’s a terrific vacation spot, it’s not as crowded as the other ones in the state—yes, even during summer. Imagine a community with so many fun things to do while enjoying the stunning sceneries. That’s what Port O’Connor is all about. And because it’s nestled beside the Gulf of Mexico with Matagorda Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay flanking the small coastal community, fishing here is definitely one of the best in the country.

Fish Your Heart Out in Port O’Connor, TX

Given its proximity to abundant fishing spots such as Matagorda and Espiritu Santo Bays, not to mention the Gulf of Mexico, recreational fishing is the major tourist draw of Port O’Connor. With that, there are a lot of fishing guides and charters operating in the area. And trust us when we say that hiring a guide or joining a fishing charter will be your gateway to the very best fishing spots in the region.

If you haven’t tried fishing before, you can go fishing either to one of the great beaches for surf-casting or on a jetty where you can catch some prized fish like redfishflounderblack drumsheepsheadand trout. Hiring a seasoned Port O’Connor guide will not only take you to the best fishing spots, but he or she can also walk you through some of the basics on how to catch a fish—from what best bait and equipment to use to the techniques and tricks you can apply in catching certain species.

If you want to really get close to Mother Nature, we highly recommend kayak fishing to the renowned Port O’Connor Paddling Trail. Here you will not only have the opportunity to bag some prized targets like redfish and speckled trout, but you will also get a chance to experience being real close to playful dolphins, wading birds, sea turtles, and stingrays, among many others.

Another way to experience Port O’Connor fishing at its finest is through fishing charters where you head out to the open waters of the Gulf and catch some really challenging gamefish such as amberjackgrouperkingfishmarlinsailfishsnappertuna, and even some shark. You also get the chance to mingle and exchange fishing stories and techniques with some of the finest captains and crews in the business.

With charter fishing, you have two options: you can either go with other like-minded tourists who are looking for a great fishing experience, or you can go privately. Going on a private fishing charter will, of course, be more expensive, though. Either way, you’ll definitely have the best fishing experience of your life. 

Fish species
Greater Amberjack

Habitat: Offshore, Reefs, Wrecks

Weight: 40 - 200 Pounds

Length: 60" - 75"


Habitat: Onshore, Flats, Backcountry, Nearshore

Weight: 10 - 45 Pounds

Length: 30" - 61"

Red Snapper 

Habitat: Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck

Weight: 5 - 20 Pounds

Length: 19" - 39"


Habitat: Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore, Reef, Wreck

Weight: 1 - 8 Pounds

Length: 14" - 20"

Port O’Connor's Most Popular Activities

Port O’Connor is more than just about great fishing, though, as there are plenty of fun things to do here. If you’re planning a visit soon, you might want to check these out and include these in your itinerary:


Yes, aside from fishing, hunters visit this small town by the thousands every year thanks to the abundance of wildlife, including different geese and waterfowls, different types of deer, black Hawaiian sheep, and Russian boar scimitar oryx, and alligators. 


2. Bird Watching

With so many migratory and local birds in the area, Port O’Connor is definitely a bird-watching hotspot. Bird sightings here include different types of waterfowls, Laughing Gulls, Black Skimmers, Terns, Pelicans, Cormorants, different species of prey, herons, woodpeckers, and a lot more.

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