Cudjoe Basin

Monroe County, Florida.

Cudjoe Basin ends in Summerland Key, Florida.

3952809.87 miles (6361432.82 sq kilometers)

About The Cudjoe Basin

About Cudjoe Basin, FL

The Cudjoe Basin is a bay situated in Monroe County, Florida. Not to be confused with Cudjoe Key, the Cudjoe Basin is also within the world-famous Florida Keys. The Keys are a popular fishing destination for anglers for their bountiful waters and stunning beauty. The Cudjoe Basin is no exception, as the bay is teeming with gamefish as well as sights to see. The Great White Heron National Wildlife Reserve is just north of the bay. Nearby islands and other water bodies include Sugarloaf and Rhiannon Keys to its south, Sawyer Key to its northwest, and the Riding Key to its north. 

And speaking of the Great White Heron National Wildlife Reserve, this popular tourist attraction is a haven for several of Florida’s native animals and plants. Visitors will find a wide variety of creatures here, from Sea Turtles laying their eggs on its shores to the Great White Herons who stay on the preserve. The preserve has a total area of 130,187 acres. Only 6,207 acres of it is land, while 123,980 acres of it is water. It stretches from Marathon to the north of Key West. Established on October 27, 1938, the reserve is a haven for migratory birds in the area. It is under the National Key Deer Refuge’s administrative jurisdiction. Aside from being able to see the various animals staying here, anglers can also fish in its bountiful waters as well. 

Cudjoe Basin Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Cudjoe Basin, FL

Although not as well-known as the other fishing spots in the Key West, Cudjoe Basin has plenty to offer to anglers fishing here. Its proximity to the Great White Heron National W