Genesee River

Monroe County, New York.

Genesee River midpoint in Dansville, New York.

Genesee River ends in Rochester, New York.

243 feet (74 meters)

166.96 miles long (268.70 kilometers)

715832.21 miles (1152020.63 sq kilometers)

About The Genesee River

Genesee River is a River located in Monroe County, NY. Starting in Ulysses, PA the Genesee River flows 167 miles through Dansville, NY before ending in Rochester, NY. The Genesee River rises to an elevation of 243 feet and has a surface area of 444,797 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Genesee River, NY

Located in Monroe County, New York, is the Genesee River. It is one of the many tributaries of Lake Ontario, with its headwater being in Pennsylvania. The river enters Lake Ontario via Rochester, New York, after traveling 158 miles.  Aside from flowing in one of the five great lakes, it also flows into a gorge called the “Grand Canyon of the East.” This 17-mile gorge is a postglacial gorge formed when the ice age ended. In fact, the Genesee River is the only remaining part of the preglacial water system that used to exist in the area. This gorge is also the focal point of the Letchworth State Park, a known scenic park with a Native American and Pioneer Museum. 

The areas around the Genesee River and Canandaigua Lake are the traditional homeland of the Seneca Nation, a Native American tribe. European settlers first surveyed the area in 1766, led by Thomas Davies. Fast forward into the 19th Century, the river provided the settlements around Rochester with Hydroelectric power via the mills built on it. 

The river is a known fishing spot for anglers, especially with Lake Ontario as its tributary. The most common fish here are