Grand Canal

Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Grand Canal ends in Homestead, Florida.

3 feet (1 meters)

6.09 miles long (9.80 kilometers)

451353.56 miles (726383.37 sq kilometers)

About The Grand Canal

Grand Canal is a Canal located in Miami-Dade County, FL. Starting in the Grand Canal flows 6.1 miles. The Grand Canal has an elevation of 3 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.


About The Grand Canal, FL

The Grand Canal is a network of man-made canals located at the northern part of Siesta Key off the southwest coast in Florida. It is about ten miles long and gets most of its water supply via a single inlet from the northern part of Roberts Bay. The network of canals is made primarily to create a waterfront residential community. It also provides homeowners with easy access to the bay and, therefore, the Gulf of Mexico. While most of the shorelines are made out of concrete, some mangrove areas are still left in their natural state. These unaltered areas are known to support a wide array of wildlife, including wading and migratory birds, manatees, dolphins, shellfish, and numerous fish species.      

The first part of the canal—from the inlet to the heart-shaped inner loop surrounding the Palm Island—was constructed in 1945 at the onset of the residential development on Siesta Keys. Within the next couple of decades, more homes were constructed, and with it, a network of canals was extended throughout the northern part of the island. An advanced water treatment plant was also put up to make sure the quality of water within the canal is kept uncontaminated by the wastewater that comes from the households.    

Grand Canal Fishing Description