Indian Creek

Switzerland County, Indiana.

Indian Creek midpoint in Vevay, Indiana.

Indian Creek ends in Ghent, Kentucky.

423 feet (129 meters)

18.83 miles long (30.30 kilometers)

47492811.66 miles (76432295.13 sq kilometers)

About The Indian Creek

Indian Creek is a River located in Switzerland County, IN. Starting in Canaan, IN the Indian Creek flows 19 miles through Vevay, IN before ending in Ghent, KY. The Indian Creek rises to an elevation of 423 feet and has a surface area of 29,510,662 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Indian Creek, Indiana

Located in Indiana’s Switzerland County is the Indian Creek. Switzerland County's name came from Switzerland in Europe, not the other way around. It was named as such because the earliest settlers in the area were Swiss settlers. The county is at the southeastern tip of Indiana, with the Ohio River bordering it on its southeast, and the neighboring state of Kentucky, on the river’s opposite side. The county is also known as “The Rhineland of America” due to its large Wine-making industries.

The creek is just 2.4 miles from the county seat of Vevay and 3 miles close to the Ohio River. It is located north of the Ohio River and enters it near the Indian Creek Campground. The creek then flows north, past several smaller communities and counties. Indian Creek was one of the first areas settled by the colonists in the area in 1798. There are campgrounds and other fishing spots close to the creek, so anglers will have plenty of opportunities to catch the various gamefish living there. If you’re looking for a quieter and down-to-earth fishing experience, then the Indian Creek won’t disappoint.