Jewfish Basin

Monroe County, Florida.

Jewfish Basin ends in Key West, Florida.

5604055.59 miles (9018856.03 sq kilometers)

About The Jewfish Basin

About Jewfish Basin, FL

Jewfish Basin is a saltwater bay located near the southmost region of Florida Keys, just roughly 7 kilometers from the coast of Boca Chica Key, Monroe County, Florida. The body water contains numerous sand bars, which is attractive not just for anglers but also for their families as the bay offers great opportunities for both fishing and camping. It is a usually quiet spot with very low boat traffic but is brimming with fish and natural beauty.

Jewfish Basin got its name from the local delicacy fish that used to be known as jewfish. After a petition in 2002, its name was changed to goliath grouper to eliminate the derogatory notions of the name. The basin itself and the creek that goes by the same name has also been petitioned for a change, but the last attempt has not been approved.

Jewfish Basin Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Jewfish Basin, FL

Jewfish Basin itself is located slightly far from the closest shore, so hopping on a boat is essential to reach it. The water habitat is patches of seagrass over a sand bottom, with a system of crevided, ledges and holes that connect to one another. The minimum water depth is about 5 feet, and its entrance channel is basically surrounded by shoal water. These conditions make it an ideal place to go spearfishing, aside from the usual