Mowry Brook

Providence County, Rhode Island.

Mowry Brook midpoint in Pascoag, Rhode Island.

Mowry Brook ends in Pascoag, Rhode Island.

361 feet (110 meters)

2.73 miles long (4.40 kilometers)

About The Mowry Brook

About Mowry Brook, RI

Mowry Brook is approximately 1.5 miles away from the state of Marlborough and flows through the state of Massachusetts. The stream is measured to have an elevation of 77 meters, you can find it nearby the town of Marlborough. It is connected to another stream called Hop Brooks, and both of the streams flow outward to the Sudbury River watershed. Other nearby waterbodies include Hager Pond and Fort Meadow Reservoir. 

The stream flows through the town of Marlborough, where you can visit several landmarks and attractions. One of the most popular ones is a place called Farm Hill, where you can get a unique farm experience that provides you with an outdoor eatery, bed and breakfast, and an outdoor pavilion for weddings. You can also find Callahan State Park nearby the stream, it’s a 958-acre pubic recreation area where you can hike, do horseback riding, and even fish on a pond within the area.  

The area around the stream provides a habitat for many indigenous species like red-tailed foxes, gray squirrels, woodchucks, and cottontail rabbits. Marlborough also has many rivers, reservoirs, and streams that hold a number of fish species. The town also has two of only three native brook trout streams in central Massachusetts which are Flagg Brook and Cranberry Brook respectively.   

Mowry Brook Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Mowry Brook, RI

The most popular fish species in Mowry Brook are the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch. However, local fishermen have also caught other species consistently in the stream. These species include pickerel, crappie, sunfish, trout, and even a rock bass.    

The town of Marlborough has many baiting shops more than happy to sell you any high-quality fishing gear and equipment needed to help you make a productive fishing trip. Given that largemouth bass is one of the most prevalent species you should bring with you live bait. The most effective ones for them are crayfish and shad. You can also use live bait for smallmouth basses such as minnows and shiners, but you also need to use a blade bait to improve your chances. For yellow perch, worms are best suited to catch their attention. You can buy them in almost any baiting shop around. 

Mowry Brook Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Fish are almost always present in the area, there isn’t really a bad time to start fishing. However, there are definitely times where fishing is best done. The best time to fish is during spring or early summer. The fish species are going to spawn during this time and will move to shallower waters. The warm waters will also make them more active and hungry, so your lures would get extra attention than usual. Spring starts in March and ends in June, while summer begins in June and ends in September.