Porter Slough

Tulare County, California.

Porter Slough midpoint in Strathmore, California.

Porter Slough ends in Tulare, California.

308 feet (94 meters)

20.19 miles long (32.50 kilometers)

About The Porter Slough

Porter Slough is a River located in Tulare County, CA. Starting in Porterville, CA, the Porter Slough flows 20 miles through Strathmore, CA, before ending in Tulare, CA. The Porter Slough rises to an elevation of 308 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather, and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Porter Slough, CA

Porter Slough is situated in Tulare County in California, originating from the Tule River and flowing through the center of Porterville City. Tributary of the Tule River, Porter Slough runs about 4 miles northward from the city and comes back to the river about 17 miles below its starting point. Porter Slough’s headwater comes from the Sierra Nevada, flows to three forks, and drains to a lake before passing through the downstream of Success Dam. The river exits the dam, then runs west into Porterville and terminates approximately 9 miles of Kettleman City in Kings County. 

Flood flows from the Tule River are usually intercepted because of numerous flooding reports in central Porterville and its surrounding areas. Nevertheless, Porter Slough has been one of the spots in the county with majestic views, glorified for the scenic and migratory bird-attracting tidal wetland and waterways. 

Porter Slough Fishing Description