Second Creek

Warren County, Ohio.

Second Creek midpoint in Blanchester, Ohio.

Second Creek ends in Morrow, Ohio.

676 feet (206 meters)

16.34 miles long (26.30 kilometers)

About The Second Creek

Second Creek is a River located in Warren County, OH. Starting in Midland, OH the Second Creek flows 16 miles through Blanchester, OH before ending in Morrow, OH. The Second Creek rises to an elevation of 676 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Second Creek, OH

The Second Creek is a freestone trout stream located near Marietta and historic Lewisburg. It is 1.9 miles away from Morrow in Warren County and 1.8 miles from Devola in Washington County. Reports show that it has an elevation of 183 meters and is approximately 3 miles long, and its width can reach up to 30 feet at its widest points. It is also situated in Unionville and is near another waterbody called Tupper Creek. 

The stream is one of the only six spots in the mountain state that offers fly-fish only, along with a catch-and-release section. It is separated into sections, upstream and downstream of the low-water bridge. The downstream holds deep pools that hold many fish species all year round, making it a good place to fish. Many anglers fish here, so expect some company. 

The stream can be accessed by heading to Route 219 and heading south from Ronceverte, then turning left on County Road 65 and then another left onto County Road 62. This will allow you to reach the low-water bridge, eventually, you’ll reach the 1.5 fly-fishing only area, where you can begin your fishing trip. It is very easy to wade through according to reports and is occasionally used by kayakers.