Smithtown Bay

Suffolk County, New York.

Smithtown Bay ends in Kings Park, New York.

56066556.13 miles (90230403.63 sq kilometers)

About The Smithtown Bay

About Smithtown Bay, NY 

Smithtown Bay is located in Smithtown Suffolk County, New York. Smithtown Bay is northwest of the Long Beach Town Park and northeast of Short Beach. The town and the bay coincidentally are located in Long Island’s North Shore. Smithtown is in the western part of Suffolk County, with Smithtown Bay on its northern shores. A note for anglers visiting here is that there’s a census-designated place within Smithtown called Smithtown. Do not confuse the town with the hamlet within it. There are marinas and harbors within Smithtown that allow anglers to launch boats into the bay, or they can cast their lines on the beaches on the bay’s shores. 

The history of Smithtown and how it got its name comes from the town’s founding in 1655. Founded by Richard Smith, Smithtown was initially called Smithfield in honor of its founder. Local legends state that after he rescued the daughter of the local Native American Chief in the area, the chief promised that he would give him control of all the land that he could encircle while riding a bull. Supposedly, the territory that he got from this deal is now part of the modern Smithtown. A statue of the bull that Richard Smith rode was placed in Smithtown to commemorate this event. Lawrence Smith Butler, a descendant of Richard Smith, proposed the statue honoring his ancestor’s achievement. The unveiling of the statue occurred on May 10, 1941.  

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