South Fork Grassy Creek

Pendleton County, Kentucky.

South Fork Grassy Creek midpoint in De Mossville, Kentucky.

South Fork Grassy Creek ends in De Mossville, Kentucky.

505 feet (154 meters)

26.66 miles long (42.90 kilometers)

307565.50 miles (494978.85 sq kilometers)

About The South Fork Grassy Creek

South Fork Grassy Creek is a River located in Pendleton County, KY. Starting in Williamstown, KY the South Fork Grassy Creek flows 27 miles through De Mossville, KY before ending in De Mossville, KY. The South Fork Grassy Creek rises to an elevation of 505 feet and has a surface area of 191,112 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About South Fork Grassy Creek, KY

South Fork Grassy Creek is a stream in Pendleton County in Kentucky and is one of the three major forks of Grassy Creek. At a length of approximately 22 miles long, South Fork Grassy Creek remains to be the largest and the best sport fishing spot out of all the main creek’s major forks. The stream is 3 miles east of Knoxville, off Highway 467. It is located 1.4 miles away from DeMossville and 3.4 miles away from Butler. It is also about 8.9 miles away from Claryville. The water body can also be found at the mouth of Lightfoot Fork. 

You may also find the South Fork Grassy Creek Bridge situated here, which previously carried the KY Route 1675 over the stream. The water body was impounded in 1995 to pave the way for Williamstown Lake or Williamstown Reservoir Dam to be built and serve as an additional water supply for the community. You may also find a lot of entertainment opportunities while in the Pendleton area, such as art walks, Shakespeare in the Park plays, and seasonal festivals. There is also ample opportunity for fishing, hun