Spindletop Bayou

Jefferson County, Texas.

Spindletop Bayou midpoint in Stowell, Texas.

Spindletop Bayou ends in Winnie, Texas.

7 feet (2 meters)

21.38 miles long (34.40 kilometers)

About The Spindletop Bayou

About Spindletop Bayou, Texas

Spindletop Bayou is a freshwater bayou located in Jefferson County, Texas. Rising three miles south, it flows in a southeastward direction for twenty-three miles, running along Chambers and Jefferson counties until it becomes Spindletop Ditch somewhere in the west side of Jefferson County. After another southeastward run for about ten miles, Spindletop finally flows into its mouth on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, situated west of Sabine Pass.

Spindletop Bayou is generally located in flat to rolling terrain. It is rich in loblolly pine and sweetgum, and also features escarpments. While it is referred to as Spindletop Bayou in most of Texas, most residents in Jefferson counties call it Spindletop Ditch as it flows into their irrigation and drainage systems, making it an agricultural and recreational resource to these people.

Spindletop Bayou Fishing Description

About Fishing in Spindletop Bayou, Texas

Spindletop Bayou offers a wide variety of freshwater marine species, the most popular of which are