Stonelick Creek

Clermont County, Ohio.

Stonelick Creek midpoint in Newtonsville, Ohio.

Stonelick Creek ends in Milford, Ohio.

528 feet (161 meters)

26.47 miles long (42.60 kilometers)

1577.84 miles (2539.29 sq kilometers)

About The Stonelick Creek

Stonelick Creek is a River located in Clermont County, OH. Starting in Blanchester, OH the Stonelick Creek flows 26 miles through Newtonsville, OH before ending in Milford, OH. The Stonelick Creek rises to an elevation of 528 feet and has a surface area of 980 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Stonelick Creek, OH

Stonelick Creek is a stream found in Clermont County, approximately 3.6 miles away from Batavia. It is near Summerside and Loveland counties. The stream’s elevation is 161 meters and has a depth of 20 feet. The stream has a 4.5-mile length, which allows it to pass through both Clinton and Clermont counties. It originates from Clinton country and flows through both Wayne and Stonelick counties. The mouth of the stream ends in the east fork below East Liberty, Grassy Run within the Jackson township. 

The community was founded in the early 18th century and is embodied by rich natural resources such as fish, fertile soil, and even rock formations such as blue limestone beds. Research indicates that the fertile soil in the area is owed to the stream's large amounts of calcified fossils, which increase the nutrients found in the soil. 

The stream was the staging ground for a confrontation between early settlers and the Native Americans in 1972. Eventually, a permanent settlement was started by a man named Dr. Henry Allisson. The early settlers used the stream’s water power to help run mills built in the area, allowing them to manufacture wooden