Upper Sugarloaf Sound

Monroe County, Florida.

Upper Sugarloaf Sound ends in Summerland Key, Florida.

9479670.08 miles (15256054.89 sq kilometers)

About The Upper Sugarloaf Sound

About Upper Sugarloaf Sound, FL

The Upper Sugarloaf sound is a bay located between Upper Sugarloaf Key and Lower Sugarloaf Key. It is located just 15 miles east of Florida’s world-famous Key West and sits between Park and Cudjoe Keys. Aside from the Upper Sugarloaf Sound, there is also the Lower Sugarloaf Sound located west of it. The Lower Sugarloaf Key divides the two sounds, and along with the Upper Sugarloaf Key forms a distinct U-Shaped form. Aside from Sugarloaf island, there is also Park Key. It is an uninhabited island that sits in the middle of the Upper Sugarloaf Sound. 

There are various stories with regards to how the Sugarloaf Key got its name. Some say the name comes from a mound made by the Native Americans who lived there east of Upper Sugarloaf Key, which looked like an old loaf of sugar. Another theory tells that the island’s name comes from a type of pineapple grown here. 

Upper Sugarloaf Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Upper Sugarloaf Sound, FL

The Upper Sugarloaf Sound’s proximity to the Florida Keys makes it a must-see when visiting Florida. The Key West is famous for the wide variety of gamefish found in its waters and the breathtaking view alongside it. When anglers from all over visit Florida, they’re likely going to fish in the Key West. As the meeting point between the Gulf of Mexico’s warm s