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Beyond the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, there lies Kings County, New York, better known as Brooklyn. It is one of the most populous counties of the Greater New York City Area and its most ethnically diverse as well. Generally known for its booming tech and entertainment industries, Brooklyn is a great destination to ease into if you’re planning an extended trip to New York. Why? Because it combines the frenetic energy of New York City and the laid-back vibes of Long Island in a way that is uniquely Brooklyn.

If you’re visiting Kings County, the following are, of course, on your itinerary: the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and perhaps even the fascinating Green-Wood Cemetery. But don’t forget that you’re in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the East Coast. A jaunt over on Williamsburg or Flatbush for some authentic gastronomical fares should be high up on your list as well. And if you’re an angler, no need to cross over to Long Island. Fishing in Kings County can be quite thrilling as it gives you access to plenty of largemouth bass over on Prospect Park Lake as well as offshore fishing opportunities at Sheepshead Bay.

Kings County Fishing: A Greater New York City Fishing Destination Like No Other

Fishing in Kings County is concentrated in just a few spots, but these spots deserve a few days of your itinerary. But if you only have a day to spare and would like to try some fly fishing, then your best bet is Prospect Park Lake. It has 2.5 miles of shoreline, plenty of which are accessible to anglers with mobility issues. What makes it even better is that it reportedly has the biggest population of largemouth bass in the state. Apart from largemouth bass, the lake is a great habitat for warm-water fish species, so you can also target some bluegill, white crappie, yellow bullhead, pumpkinseed, and black and yellow perch along with your bass. You may even catch some