Buffalo, NY Fishing: The Reemergence of the City of Lights

Buffalo, NY Fishing: The Reemergence of the City of Lights
Published: Saturday, March 20th, 2021
Updated on: Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Buffalo may not have been a popular tourist destination before (thanks mainly to its industrial past—not to mention it’s the second-most populous city in the state next only to NYC) but with the transformation of the city in the past years, it is slowly becoming one of the favorite tourist spots in the region. 

Most of you would probably assume many come here just because it’s just minutes away from Niagara Falls (although yes, it is still one of the city’s major tourist draw) but, nope, the majestic waterfall isn’t just what visitors come here for with the many attractions the city has now to offer. In fact, it’s become a cultural hotspot in recent years; what with the number of art galleries and museums spread around the city, the recent boom of its party scene, its burgeoning craft beer scene, and of course, the architectural gems in its historic neighborhoods just to name a few. Buffalo is also littered with world-class hotels, charming bed & breakfasts, and comfortable bed and breakfast places that you wouldn’t have any problems looking for a place to settle in. The city is situated along the eastern shores of the scenic Lake Erie. And with the construction of parks and trails along one of the Great Lake’s shores, not to mention the rolling hills, cavernous ravines, and towering forests along the city’s borders, it has become a mecca for urban outdoor adventures. 

So, it really seems Buffalo has turned full circle the past decades when it comes to providing guests and locals alike with a place to spend their vacation. It’s where one can enjoy a number of fun things to do without having to leave the comforts of a metropolitan city.