Aerojet Canal Number C-111

Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Aerojet Canal Number C-111 ends in Key Largo, Florida.

3 feet (1 meters)

19.45 miles long (31.30 kilometers)

1519423.66 miles (2445276.10 sq kilometers)

About The Aerojet Canal Number C-111

Aerojet Canal Number C-111 is a Canal located in Miami-Dade County, FL. Starting in the Aerojet Canal Number C-111 flows 19.4 miles. The Aerojet Canal Number C-111 has an elevation of 3 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.

About Aerojet Canal Number C-111, FL

Aerojet Canal Number C-111 is a fresh water canal and cultural feature in Florida’s Miami-Dade County at Homestead near Key Largo. It has an elevation of three feet or one meter and can be found south of United States Highway Canal Number C-109. The canal acts as a gutter for south Florida’s watershed. 

The canal was built and dredged for the Aerojet Corp. in the 1960’s when the company was building massive moon rocket engines that had to be barged. The rocket plant has now been closed for decades but the canal still sucks water from Florida Bay and pipes it east across U.S. 1 to Barnes Sound. Because of this, the canal has drained the Everglades of vital water for over 50 years but is now being remedied by the South Florida Water Management District through $25 million dollars worth of restoration work.

Aerojet Canal Number C-111 Fishing Description

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