Davis Cove

Monroe County, Florida.

Davis Cove ends in Key Largo, Florida.

3879413.14 miles (6243312.20 sq kilometers)

About The Davis Cove

About Davis Cove, FL

Situated in Monroe County, Florida, is the Davis Cove. Davis Cove is 10.8 miles northwest of Key Largo in Florida’s Key West. It sits in between Trout Cove in the east and Alligator Bay to the west.  Another place of interest is North Nest Key, which is just southeast of Davis Cove. This small island offers a campground for visitors who wish to stay a bit longer and enjoy the scenery. Going back to Davis Cove, anglers visit its waters because of the variety of gamefish available here. Aside from that, there is also Davis Creek, a smaller stream located close to Davis Cove. Interestingly, Davis Creek doesn't flow to Davis Cove. 

Of course, this discussion won’t be complete without discussing the Everglades National Park. Considered the largest subtropical wilderness park in the US, the Everglades is perfect for nature lovers. Visitors can observe the native animal species in the area, such as manatees, American alligators, and even the rare Florida panther. Anglers will have a blast fishing its waters; as saltwater and freshwater gamefish abound its waters. For those who want to enjoy the serenity offered by the park, there are hiking and biking trails available for you. 

Davis Cove Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Davis Cove, FL

In terms of fishing, Davis Cove’s location couldn’t be better. Being located in the Key West, anglers will have trouble catching all the gamefish available here. Here, anglers from all over the world experience some of the best fishing spots in the world. Anglers visiting Davis Cove will find both saltwater and freshwater gamefish here. Not only is it located in Key West,